What we do

Our main business is building customised financial models.
But we also extend this into associated services when you need it

Need help getting the funding for your project? We’ve acted as financial/commercial adviser, transaction manager and debt arranger, helping clients raise funding, negotiate terms with financiers, JV partners, suppliers and customers.

If you want to use the model as part of a feasibility study, information memorandum, prospectus or similar, we can integrate with the rest of your project team and write parts of those documents for you.

More interested in reviewing or modifying your existing company models, data or forms, or fixing spreadsheet errors? We’re happy to do this rather than building something from scratch.

And even if all you’re interested in doing is automating a repetitive process, but you don’t know how to code VBA or create add-in files, we can provide a quote to write a macro for you.

What we don’t do

We won’t try to upsell you a software program or a training program, or insist on meeting a set of standards that aren’t relevant to your business. Teaching you to use the model we built is part of the service, and not an additional cost.

If you do want you or your staff to undertake modelling or general Excel training, we’re happy to refer you on to others we’ve worked with that will be able to meet your needs.

Why choose us

Our sole aim is to create a model that meets your needs, not our egos. We want to produce something that you would be proud to call your own, because it looks like it belongs to you, and not an outside consultancy. Whilst we will customise the look and feel of your model, we won’t compromise on what we consider are the “must haves” in any model – Robustness, Accuracy, Functionality and Transparency. This is because there is no point in creating a model that:

  • Crashes because of it’s size (robustness)
  • Is not able to be quickly and easily modified to run desired scenarios (functionality)
  • Does not produce meaningful information about your business (accuracy)
  • When other people pick it up, they have no idea how it works (transparency)

Types of models

Our primary focus has been working with valuation models – whether for a feasibility study, project financing, general corporate finance or M&A. We have also built models for new financial products, construction programs and budgeting, cost-benefit analysis and working capital analysis, just to name a few.

Most of these models have been deterministic (i.e. the outputs are single point values for each scenario modelled) but we also have extensive experience in probabilistic models using Monte Carlo analysis.

Nearly all of our models have been developed for a particular transaction, but they are capable of being easily upgraded into an ongoing operational model so that at the end of each accounting period, the user can enter in their actual financial results and they will flow through the rest of the model.

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