About us

Optimised FM was established by Brendan Walpole in 2013.

After graduating as an Electrical Engineer from the University of Melbourne, Brendan commenced a banking career as an Analyst in the Project Finance team at ANZ, learning financial modelling on the job.  Brendan spent the next 11 and a half years in various front-office banking roles across project, leveraged and corporate finance and completing transactions across a wide variety of industry sectors including natural resources, utilities, PPPs, manufacturing, financial services, media, retail and software.

During his time with the Australian arm of Lloyds, Brendan also led a project to develop two standard models for all of the bank’s LBO transactions, was in project groups developing risk models, and conducted all financial modelling training across the Australian, NZ and Hong Kong teams.

Why choose us?

Our sole aim is to create a model that meets your needs, not our egos. We want to produce something that you would be proud to call your own, because it looks like it belongs to you, and not an outside consultancy.

Whilst we will customise the look and feel of your model, we won’t compromise on what we consider are the “must haves” in any model – Robustness, Accuracy, Functionality and Transparency. This is because there is no point in creating a model that:

  • Crashes because of it’s size (robustness)
  • Is not able to be quickly and easily modified to run desired scenarios (functionality)
  • Does not produce meaningful information about your business (accuracy)
  • When other people pick it up, they have no idea how it works (transparency)
Brendan WalpoleAbout us