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Revenue, spending or entitlement – what’s the country’s problem?

The workbook used throughout this article is available here. I saw this video the other week where Paul Murray from Sky News concluded that we don’t have a revenue or a spending problem, ultimately we have an entitlement problem. EDITORIAL: New data shows ALL Australian governments are getting more tax money than ever [email protected]

The pension asset test and taper rates

The workbook used throughout this article is available here. The Coalition and the Greens have cut a deal to implement the Government’s proposed changes to the pension system, specifically through the “Asset Test”. After the Greens repeatedly said there was no deal. This is what makes politics interesting, apart from watching “The Killing Season” of

Financial covenants series

We have just launched a series covering a number of the financial covenants that you might find in loan documents – whether a standard business/corporate loan, a leveraged financing or a project financing. As there are a lot of them (with more to come) they have been put in their own section of the blog.

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